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Drug Testing Imitation Pee in America

Within the past few years, there seems to be drug testing taking place just about anywhere you go. Whether you’re taking a test for the court, a breathalyzer for a cop, or simply a urine test for that new job, there are a variety of reasons good people get asked for a drug screen, but what is a drug test.┬áIf there is doubt about a certain product, you can look at synthetic urine reviews to make yourself more comfortable. For those who are interested in what exactly is involved in a drug test, the history of testing in America, or even how to pass a test, we’ve collected all the information you could ever need.

What is Drug Testing

Drug testing is exactly what it sounds like: a series of tests designed to determine whether there are drugs in the sample. Usually, these tests will be taken to test for a specific drug such as cannabis, cocaine, or methamphetamine, and these tests can be requested by anyone from the court system to a potential employer. Drug testing also commonly takes place in hospitals. In life-threatening situations, doctors will often order toxicology tests to screen for a wide variety of substances in the patient’s system.