What is Bitcoing Cash Koers & The Drug Testing Kits It’s Related To

People smoking more marijuana today are finding ways to combat the drug testing they randomly must submit weekly or monthly. In fact, people like public servants, governmental officials, and parolees/probationers all have this one thing in common. The challenge to combat the drug tests is that it is a “fail or pass.”

From the viewpoint of those who are against it, A percentage in each group are buying this fake urine to pass their random, or routine drug tests! For instance, companies who manufacture them are raking in dollars because of this requirement is normally given by those on parole, probation, or who work for governmental agencies.

At any rate, the demand for such drug tests is forcing companies to find creative ways to offer such tests. In fact, the options to get “clean” is a must, as it will jeopardize their family’s financial stability, their probationary end date, their job security, and many other reasons. IT’s worth the risk, many of those who’ve used fake urine to pass a drug test has admitted.

Since it’s federally (still) illegal, marijuana is still being smoked. There are so many methods and “how-to” videos on how to clean out your system. Using various kinds of methods to pass a drug test such as one called “Whizzinator” has become one of the popular ones. (In fact, it’s one of those ‘creative ones.’ But, sometimes the ordeal can become a risk such as what happened to a Bexar County’s probationer upon going to see his PO.

Upon going to take his random drug test, officers had to “pat down” the employee when the senior officer noticed something different. He felt something that wasn’t right. In fact, it was bulky and full, which wasn’t normal in “a relaxed” mode. When they searched more, they found that it was the Whizzinator (a fake penis with urine in it) strapped to the probationer. In fact, it started out as a recreational toy for adults, but now it’s taken an entirely new meaning and far from its original use. 1. There are other types such as Monkey Dong or Monkey Whizz.

The recipe for disaster

The disaster begins with the combination of ingredients that can be a parent’s, bosses, or parole officer’s worst nightmare. Those wise parents who suspect their teens are smoking, for instance, use this tool to stay on top of their teenager’s social behavior activity. The batch is all they need, among excellent communication skills. Supporter’s of drug testing their kids are similar to the ratio of these teens agreeing with them, as part of an allowance or some other way of protecting their kids. Drug testing weekly to keep both, kids, and parolees, are implemented for preventing further use of illegal drugs, protecting them from the harmful “bad” drugs which are on the streets, preventing overdoses, and keeping individuals “clean” from harmful ingredients overall, illegal and legal. This includes the actual fake urine itself. Making it at home could be risky which is merely common sense.

Tests such as the fake urine are now known as the “fake urine gold rush” epidemic due to those who can’t control a cannabis habit. In return, someone is making money off this commodity in demand. Opting to stuff like this shows a desperate tactic to continue the pleasures of cannabis sativa, while on probation or parole. Whatever the case, people get caught, and the penalties are then tenfold. Take for example in a West Texas facility, (5) probationers were caught using synthetic urine when they were required to submit a urine analysis.